Lemon cake

The most refreshing cake for the summer… lemon cake!!. It is so easy to prepare and it is so tasty that you will cook it more than once, I assure you. This is an exquisite lemon cake, simple, healthy and fast to prepare. Ideal as an evening snack and breakfast. Definitely, a sponge cake that remains fresh for 5 days.

Blueberry muffins

The other day I had a special snack with friends for Christmas and I prepared these delicious blueberry muffins. It was the first time I prepared muffins and I have to say it went perfect, delicious and everybody liked them lot. So if you have a snack or a special meeting these days, do not doubt it, prepare them!


Chocolatissima Cake

Delicious cake! Really tasty! For chocolate lovers. Fantastic texture! This is the perfect cake when we have many people at home, like the famous 3 chocolates cake or the classic chocolate cake (we will soon publish both of them).