Tuna cannelloni

A colleague often brings tuna cannelloni to the office made by her mother and they are so good that I always think “I have to make my tuna cannelloni” but I never found a recipe that I completely liked. Until finally, I came up with this recipe, the perfect one, and at home everyone told me they were great. I did lots to freeze them but not a single one was left.


Fettucine noodles Alfredo style

I loved this dish from the first moment I tried it. My friend Jenny prepared me these fettucine and I quickly asked her the recipe to suit it for the Thermomix . It is pasta, in this case fettucine noodles, seasoned with diced chicken and a tasty creamy cheese sauce. Creamy sauces for pasta are delicious, so if you have not tested recipes like spaghetti carbonara, don’t wait to prepared them because you will love them.

Spaguetti aglio, olio e peperoncino

This name sounds so well and we are just talking about spaghetti with garlic, oil and hot pepper, a classic of the Italian cuisine. Simple, cheap, fast, but really delicious and tasty. In addition, we will use the technique of cooking pasta in our Thermomix, which is very simple and we make sure they are al dente.

Greek yogurt risotto

What a surprising risotto! I assure you that I did not imagine that something so simple could be so tasty and so easy to prepare. You’ll need few ingredients, very basic , but very tasty , like feta cheese. And the creamy texture that gives the greek yogurt … mmm it’s delicious. Would you like to try it?