Garlic and mushrooms omelete

Omelets are a fantastic choice for dinner, especially in summer. Experts recommend to eat between 4 or 7 eggs per week, so this is a good way of having at least 2 eggs per person. It is an easy, healthy and very quick idea for preparing an omelete. We will make a juicy omelet stuffed with garlic mushrooms, cooked in our Thermomix. Only accompanied by a good salad or marinated tomatoes, it is a delicious option.

Bravas potatoes

We will travel today to Spain and taste one of their delicious tapas dish: bravas potatoes, made of cubes of potato in a spicy, tomato sauce. Their are delicious with beer or wine. It is an easy recipe, with not expensive ingredientes and really good when you want to make dinner or have lunch with friends. Kids will also love them!! (you can make another tomato sauce, not spicy).


Vegetable pie

Today I present a super simple recipe, ideal for preparing when we don’t have much of time for cooking. Although by the name it seems to be a vegetable dish alone, is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans because among its ingredients there is tuna (but of course you can adapt it to your taste). It’s called vegetable because it looks like a big big vegetable sandwich.

Cheese tuna dip in 1 minute

I really love easy and quick-to-prepare starters, and this recipe is one of those: dip of cheese and tuna. You must prepare it, even more when you have guests at home, they will love it!! It is tremendously easy and really cheap. With 3 ingredientes and less than a minute you will prepare a delicious starter.


In my house this appetizer is one of our favourites on the weekends.  How can something so simple be so delicious? And of course, if we want to accompany a real mexican fajitas, it is essencial.

Russian Salad

Fantastic recipe of Russian Salad, juicy and really tasty, my favourite!. You can prepare it in advance and have it ready for example for the dinner, or if you have guests at home, or maybe you can to carry this salad with you to work or to a picnic.

Chickpeas hummus

I have guests at home this weekend and I will prepare them an Arabic tasting menu, so that they can know the delicious of Arabic food.  I really love food for Arabic countries. It is really exotic and tasty.