Meatballs in onion sauce
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A classic from Spanish cuisine: meatballs in onion sauce. Perfect for storing in the freezer. You can take them with french fries, smashed potatoes or rice.
Recipe type: Meat
Cuisine: Spanish
Serves: 4
  • 500 g of minced meat (chicken , pork and / or beef )
  • 1 egg
  • 2 slices of bread without crust
  • Some milk
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • Parsley to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • 4 onions
  • 1 small tomato
  • 100 g of white wine
  • 200 g of chicken broth (or water + bouillon cube)
  • 50 g of extra virgin olive oil + some more for frying the meatballs
  • Flour to coat the meatballs
Meat balls:
  1. In the mixing bowl place the bread, milk, garlic, egg and beat [b]10 seconds, progressive speed 5-7. [/ B]
  2. Add the ground beef, salt, chopped parsley and pepper and set to [b] 15 seconds at speed 1½ [/ b] or until all the ingredients are well integrated. Remove and reserve.
  3. Forme the meatballs with your hands, coat them inflour and fry them in a pan with some oil until they get brown (around 5 minutes). Put the meatballs in the basket and set aside.
Onion Sauce:
  1. Cut onions and tomatoes in quarters and put them in the mixing bowl. Crush [b] 5 seconds, speed 5. [/ B] Add 50 g of olive oil and set to [b] 15 minutes varoma temperature, speed 1. [/ B]
  2. Put inside the win, place the basket with meatballs inside the mixing bowl and schedule [b] 20 minutes, varoma temperature, speed spoon. [/ B]
  3. Remove the basket and serve the meatballs with the sauce. If you do not want to notice the bits of onion, you can grind up the sauce setting to[b] 30 seconds, speed 7. [/ B]
Nutrition Information
Calories: 350
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