How to cook eggs with Thermomix

Boiled eggs

Forget about… when did the water start boiling? how many time should I bold the eggs? are the eggs well cooked or will they be underdone?  In this recipe we will learn how to cook eggs in Thermomix. It is very easy as we only need to fill the mixing bowl with plenty of water, add a splash of vinegar to maintain the shell entire, place the eggs inside the simmering basket and enter the time.

How to cook eggs with Thermomix
With these instructions you will have your eggs perfectly boiled, just as you like.
  • 500 g of water
  • 6-8 eggs at room temperature It is calculated that 8 medium eggs (around 60 g each) enter inside the simmering basket If the eggs are cold, you can add one minute more
  • salt
  • a splash of vinegar
  1. Set varoma temperature and speed 2. And that’s all! Inmediatly remove the simmering basket with the help of the spatula and refresh the eggs with cold water.
  2. The time will depend on the eggs hardness:
minutes: creamy eggs, liquid yolk and viscous white
    minutes: creamy eggs, liquid yolk and firm white
      minutes: soft eggs, soft yolk
        minutes: hard eggs
          minutes: very hard eggs
            Hygine tips when consuming eggs:

            never wash nor rub the raw eggs before storing them. If we want to wash the eggs, we must do it just before cooking or using them. Egg shell is very porous, so if we wash them we will remove their protector film and germs could enter inside the egg.

            We must boil the eggs alone. It is desirable to boil the eggs isolated in order to prevent any type of contamination from other food. We can use the simmering basket and the varome recipient in order to isolate eggs boiling. If you see the egg is broken or its shell has any imperfection, do not consume it. If the egg floats, it isn’t fresh.

            In order to know if an egg is fresh we can place it inside a high glass with water. If the egg floats it means that some air is inside and it is not fresh. Reject it. On the contrary, if it goes strait to the bottom, you can consume it because it is fresh.


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