Cheese tuna dip in 1 minute

Cheese tuna dip2

I really love easy and quick-to-prepare starters, and this recipe is one of those: dip of cheese and tuna. You must prepare it, even more when you have guests at home, they will love it!! It is tremendously easy and really cheap. With 3 ingredientes and less than a minute you will prepare a delicious starter.

I use to use tex mex doritos for dipping, but of course you can use whatever you prefer (vegetebles, potatos chips, bread, toasts, nachos…)

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In my house this appetizer is one of our favourites on the weekends.  How can something so simple be so delicious? And of course, if we want to accompany a real mexican fajitas, it is essencial.

This recipe is great because it takes less than 5 minutes and we will have a healthy and authentic Mexican guacamole ready for dipping our nachos.  You will see several optional ingredients so that you can adapt it completely to your taste completely.

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Chocolatissima Cake

Tarta Chocolatíssima

Delicious cake! Really tasty! For chocolate lovers. Fantastic texture! This is the perfect cake when we have many people at home, like the famous 3 chocolates cake or the classic chocolate cake (we will soon publish both of them).

This recipe is from the book “My way of cooking” by Thermomix. Everybody will love this cake, specially the children!  Although it might seem a very long recipe, I can assure you it is really easy to prepare.

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Russian Salad

Russian salad

Fantastic recipe of Russian Salad, juicy and really tasty, my favourite!. You can prepare it in advance and have it ready for example for the dinner, or if you have guests at home, or maybe you can to carry this salad with you to work or to a picnic.

You can also prepare your own mayonnaise sauce at home easily with your Thermomix (we will soon publish this recipe). But if you are going to prepare this Russian Salad in summer time, it is better that you buy the mayonnaise sauce in order to avoid problems like salmonellosis…

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Chickpeas hummus

chickpea hummus

I have guests at home this weekend and I will prepare them an Arabic tasting menu, so that they can know the delicious of Arabic food.  I really love food for Arabic countries. It is really exotic and tasty.

One of the dishes of this tasting menu will surely be this chickpea hummus. It has the same texture of a purée and it is perfect for dipping.  It is believed that the origine of this dish comes from Egipt, but today, it is really widespread through Middle East.  You can eat with with pita bread, that we can cut it in triangles and dip with it. It is really important that you use “tahine” for preparing this hummus. This will give the authentic Arabic touch. Tahine is a brown cream made with sesame.

Hummus is very easy to prepare, it works perfectly fine as a starter and it is very healthy. You can also prepare it in advance. I have used already cooked chickpeas (for saving time) but you can also use dry chickpeas.

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Pumpking and cabbage cream soup

Pumpking cabbage cream soup

Original cream soup, made of cabbage and pumpking. You will be surprised by its flavours combination. Perfect for a starter in your Thanksgiving Day dinner.

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How to cook eggs with Thermomix

Boiled eggs

Forget about… when did the water start boiling? how many time should I bold the eggs? are the eggs well cooked or will they be underdone?  In this recipe we will learn how to cook eggs in Thermomix. It is very easy as we only need to fill the mixing bowl with plenty of water, add a splash of vinegar to maintain the shell entire, place the eggs inside the simmering basket and enter the time.

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Chicken curry

I bring you today a recipe where we can use curry, this fantastic spice that will let us prepare wonderful dishes like prawn curry or meatballs curry.

We will prepare a delicious and juicy chicken curry, that we can keep for the following days or prepare it in advance. Really tasty and economic.

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Spinach with bechamel cream soup

spinach bechamel cream soup

I love this recipe because my mother-in-law used to prepare it very often and this is how I discovered Thermomix.  Maybe, the name of spinach cream soup is not very attractive, but I can promise you it tastes delicious! And also, children will love it.  It is very soft, nutritious and really easy to prepare.

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