How to make poached eggs (step by step)

Poaching eggs is a very interesting way to prepare eggs. First, there is the aesthetic side, which is more original and surprising and, secondly, there is nutritional side because they have a lower caloric intake than if we make them fried for example.

The poached eggs are cooked wrapped in plastic wrap, immersing them in water in the basket or steam in the Varoma. Here I explain how to tho them step-by- step so that you can make them very easily at home.

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Tuna cannelloni

A colleague often brings tuna cannelloni to the office made by her mother and they are so good that I always think “I have to make my tuna cannelloni” but I never found a recipe that I completely liked. Until finally, I came up with this recipe, the perfect one, and at home everyone told me they were great. I did lots to freeze them but not a single one was left.

It is a very easy and economical recipe and it is perfect for children, not only because it is pasta and they always eat meat cannelloni very well, but because they will eat fish without noticing it. You might feel lazy about rolling the cannelloni, but I assure you it does not take so long, and it is worth it because later we can freeze them or have them in the fridge for 3 days, and they are great if we have many guests at home.

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Whisky squids

I never thought that these squids could be so delicious. Honestly, they are amazing. The sauce has a mild taste but very original and flavoursome. I totally recommend it. On Fridays we usually eat at home but we arrive a little late, so I like to leave an already-made meal that just needs to be warmed up. I thought I would leave these squids ready, and they were a complete success!! 

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Chicken wings in caramel sauce

You can not imagine how delicious these chicken wings in caramel sauce are … the sauce is an explosion of flavour: spicy and sweet at the same time … besides they are crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside … a real treat.

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Lemon cake

The most refreshing cake for the summer… lemon cake!!. It is so easy to prepare and it is so tasty that you will cook it more than once, I assure you. This is an exquisite lemon cake, simple, healthy and fast to prepare. Ideal as an evening snack and breakfast. Definitely, a sponge cake that remains fresh for 5 days.

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Creamy rice with king prawns


Creamy rice with kingprawns

On weekends I love making rice, because rice is better if you eat at the time. And with the Thermomix, rice is simply delicious. Today I went to the market and saw some delicious king prawns, so the decision was easy: creamy rice with king prawns.

I have used king prawns, but of course you can use prawns, shrimps or whaterver you like. The only thing to bear in mind is that you need to use them raw as we will use the shells to make a fumé (fish stock).

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Meatballs in onion sauce

Meatballs onion sauceThis recipe is a classic in the Spanish gastronomy, together with meatballs in tomato sauce (which will be published in the coming weeks). I always have some tupperware with these meatballs in the freezer, so they are ready when I’m in a hurry and I don’t have time to prepare food for the next day. And they are also a perfect idea if you need to carry the food to work, school… 

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Garlic and mushrooms omelete

Garlic and mushrooms omelet

Omelets are a fantastic choice for dinner, especially in summer. Experts recommend to eat between 4 or 7 eggs per week, so this is a good way of having at least 2 eggs per person. It is an easy, healthy and very quick idea for preparing an omelete. We will make a juicy omelet stuffed with garlic mushrooms, cooked in our Thermomix. Only accompanied by a good salad or marinated tomatoes, it is a delicious option.

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Bacalhau à Bras (Portuguese style codfish )

Bacalhau a bras

Today I bring a new way of cooking codfish. It is important to eat fish several times a week, so I am constantly looking for new ways to prepare it. In addition, cod is one of my favorite fishes, for the price, texture and has few thorns (so it is a good choice for children).

This recipe is originally from Portugal, as you might know they are really good preparing this kind of fish. It is very easy to prepare and cheap. The only drawback I see is that it must be taken at the time (from one day to another is not so good). In addition, this particular dish, I like to finish it in the pan (not on the Thermomix).

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Fettucine noodles Alfredo style

I loved this dish from the first moment I tried it. My friend Jenny prepared me these fettucine and I quickly asked her the recipe to suit it for the Thermomix . It is pasta, in this case fettucine noodles, seasoned with diced chicken and a tasty creamy cheese sauce. Creamy sauces for pasta are …

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Liquid lemon yogurt

This is one of the amazing recipes of Thermomix . It is one of those recipes where you put all the ingredients in the mixing bowl and in a few seconds, as if by magic, you have a spectacular drink. Yes, in this case I present one of the famous Thermomix recipes that is liquid lemon yogurt …

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